Athlete Care Membership

Be proactive about protecting your athlete

We’re here to keep athletes safe and healthy throughout their sports season. The ChoiceOne Athlete Care Membership provides proactive protection and a range of healthcare services for athletes and their families.


Membership includes:

  • Annual sport physical to ensure athlete readiness
  • Concussion baseline test utilizing the FDA compliant ClearEdge Brain Health Toolkit, which tracks long-term brain health and assesses and monitors brain recovery in the event of injury.
  • A supplemental Athletic Injury Insurance Program for youth under 18 designed to respond to medical bills incurred because of athletic injuries in sports practices and games, easing the financial burden and complexity of today’s high deductible health plans.
  • $0 Deductible per injury
  • $100,000 Accident Medical/Dental Expense limit per injury
  • 52-week Benefit period
  • EXCESS basis (coordinates with member’s health insurance)

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Individual Membership (youth ages 9-17):
$95 annual fee for services valued at over $135+


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Family Membership (covers up to three children/dependents youth ages 9-17):
$255 annual fee for services valued at over $400+


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Once you join, you will receive an electronic member card within 48 hours. Please print this card or save it electronically to present at the ChoiceOne Urgent Care center where the baseline test and sports physical will be performed.

When you register for your membership, you will receive a thank you email with a link to the ClearEdge concussion management portal to create an account at You will register yourself, and then the child that you want to baseline.

Please note: Concussion management services and baseline testing are only available at select ChoiceOne Urgent Care centers located in Dundalk, Phoenix, Rotunda and Severna Park. We look forward to expanding these services to all ChoiceOne centers in the future.