Concussion Diagnosis

ChoiceOne Urgent Care diagnoses, manages, and treats concussions and head injuries.

Our team of highly qualified healthcare providers uses the ClearEdge Brain Health Toolkit to get an accurate assessment of your athlete’s brain health. When a suspected concussion or head injury occurs, the ClearEdge Toolkit allows our healthcare providers the ability to compare post-event tests with healthy baseline tests to assess brain health and determine appropriate treatment decisions for your athlete’s recovery. The ClearEdge Toolkit also helps manage and monitor the Return to Learn and Return to Play protocols for your athlete, ensuring a safe re-entry back into the sport.

If the ChoiceOne clinical team determines that the concussion will need the care of a subspecialist, an appointment will be made with one of our trusted partners on your behalf.

Common Concussion Symptoms

How does the ClearEdge Toolkit work?

The ClearEdge tablet collects patient information, injury history, and symptoms. An Edge Sensor (wireless inertial measurement unit worn on the patient’s lower back) collects and transmits objective balance data to the tablet. Proprietary software analyzes and creates clinical reports for immediate review including both cognitive and balance activity.

How is the ClearEdge data used?

  • Detects and monitors cognitive indicators of brain disorders including concussions
  • Helps guide Return to Play decisions
  • Tracks cognitive function and balance over time
  • Provides HIPAA-compliant baseline reports for parents and healthcare providers

IMPORTANT: If you believe your athlete has a concussion or head injury, please take them to a ChoiceOne Urgent Care center located in Dundalk, Phoenix or Rotunda . Concussion management services are only available at select ChoiceOne Urgent Care centers. We look forward to expanding these services to all ChoiceOne centers in the future.

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