Set Your Arrival Time

Check in with One Pass before you get to the center

Safely and securely set arrival times for you or your family member from the comfort of your home or work. Using One Pass, you could reduce waiting time in the event that there are a few patients already in the center.

To take advantage of this feature:
1. Click on the Locations page and choose which center you will visit.
2. Click on the One Pass link listed underneath your preferred center.
3. Set your arrival time. 
4. Enter in your name, birthdate, phone number and email. 
5. Hit the “Confirm Check-In” button.
6. Print out confirmation page.
7. Arrive at the center 15 minutes prior to your requested time.

Patient registration form 

To save you even more time, you can fill out a patient registration form before you arrive. Download the patient registration form to get started.