Kids and Masks

Kids' masks are an important part of slowing the spread of coronavirus. Wearing a mask in public settings, especially if your kid is going to school in person or daycare, can make a huge difference in keeping them and others safe.Mother putting mask on young child


Coronavirus Immunity

Many people hope that coronavirus immunity can bring them back to "normal life" and that those who recovered from coronavirus do not need to be concerned about being infected or infecting others.

Unfortunately, there are too many unknowns about immunity to novel coronavirus to be sure.

Learn what we currently know about coronavirus immunity, how coronavirus herd immunity could work and what antibody testing can tell you.


Getting Tested for COVID-19

Getting a Test

As the state of Maryland's capacity for conducting coronavirus testing expands, people with coronavirus symptoms and, in some cases, those without can be tested for active COVID-19 disease.

University of Maryland Medical System currently reserves outpatient testing for those who have symptoms because it is the most effective way to use the tests available.


Masks and Coronavirus

The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now recommends that everyone wear a homemade mask when in public during the coronavirus pandemic. The CDC recommends using a cloth mask that be created from cheap materials or household items, such as a T-shirt.

Medical-grade masks, such as surgical or N-95 masks, need to be reserved for those that need them most and should only be worn by healthcare workers or first responders.


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